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Fascinating Garden
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People, plants, insects, fungus, bacteria...
Can we achieve a world where every kind of life is respected?

What is life?
What is beauty?

Even as we face realities of life that include aging, illness, and death,we've committed ourselves to caring for and managing a garden that values biodiversity.

Open all five of your senses and listen carefully; Walking around and observing Shosei-en Garden brings enriching delight,enjoyment, the feeling of travel, nostalgia, and uncountable discoveries.

We hope you will enjoy "a little trip" to Shosei-en Garden.

A Special Reception Just for You

With a guided tour and pruning demonstration by the gardeners who tend the garden daily, this plan lets guests experience traditional craftsmanship and the Japanese people’s aesthetic and spiritual feeling for nature.
With 370 years since its creation, Shosei-en Garden is blessed with abundant nature and is expected to serve as an invaluable green space amid the city and an ecological refuge for living creatures.
Our head gardeners use practical examples to explain their current efforts to sustain this environment into the future through “biodiversity-oriented garden management.”
Additionally, as a reenactment of the “boating entertainment” (funa-asobi) enjoyed by people during the Edo period, we will display a Japanese-style boat specially made by a boat carpenter, calling to mind the elegance of Edo entertainment. Tea and Buddhist cuisine are served in fully reserved spaces in a traditional Japanese drawing room (shoin) and teahouse normally closed to the public. This is an exquisite reception and a unique premium-quality experience that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else.