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Touch the Art and Spirit of the gardener who weaves the 370-year-old " Shōsei-en Garden " a place of scenic beauty

Discover the deep fascination of the scenic garden with the gardener and garden concierge.

The Shōsei-en Garden is cultivated and managed in consideration of biodiversity while maintaining its aesthetic value as a garden of scenic beauty.
The gardener and garden concierge will guide you to the highlights of the garden with explanations of garden care and pruning demonstrations.

The name Shōsei-en is derived from a line in the Chinese poet Tao Yuanming’s poem “Let Me Return Home Again.” Crossing over (shō) the days, my garden (en) becomes (sei) ever more tasteful. Let the garden’s beauty transcend the age, continuing over each day and each season. We hope it will be a garden that is loved by many across the world. It is with this wish in mind that the Ueyakato Landscape’s gardeners, who serve as the exclusive garden caretakers of Higashi Hongan-ji Temple, approach their daily work.

The area around Kyoto Station has become a concrete jungle with little green space. In that context, Shōsei-en Garden is urban green space. Nowadays this garden works as a precious refugia both for people and for other living things.
Reflecting on the teaching of Buddhism, the gardeners are working on the management of ʻthe garden where every life resonatesʼ . We’ll specially introduce you the art and spirit in the garden.